Thursday, March 27, 2014

Playing for Keeps (A Play Makers Book) by Kate Donovan Review

Erica is a hard working career women in advertising, one of the higher ups at her work had harassed her and her boss decided to make things ok with her he would allow her to make a presentation to the group and if they liked it they would go with hers if not that was her one chance tell farther down her career.

Her idea was picked up as long as they could get the Football player Johnny Spurling to get on board only problem? He does not do advertising ESPECIALLY not beer ones. But for Erica's idea to work for her beer commercial during super bowl Sunday Johnny needs to get on board.

When Johnny takes this meeting he knows that he isnt going to do it but takes the meeting anyways, when he sees Erica something about her makes him want to know her, to talk to her, to be with her. Only problem he is supposed to be focusing on his football and settling down. He is to marry a women he has never met because he made an agreement with his father to settle down and give him a grandson. But why cant he have fun tell after the super bowl?

When he decides to do the commercial for Erica so he can get to know her better, it was like an up and down roller coaster. I wanted Erica and Johnny to work out so bad but it kinds felt like everything was against them before they even got started. It was one thing after the next that seemed to be trying to push them apart, and then when you thought it was going to be ok and they were going to be ok, it would all turn crazy. I felt like Erica was a little bit to in her head. She kept over analyzing everything and I just wanted to shake her and be like GET IT TOGETHER. That being said this book will for sure keep you on you heels. Definitely a hot one to pass the time.