Monday, April 7, 2014

A Twist of Fate (Lexi #1) by T. Gephart Review

Lexi was a PR agent in Australia she made a name for herself by being hard working and taking no BS from anyone! She works for one of her best friends Kate. I loved there little relationship we dont see much of them but I though it was funny how they talked to each other about Lexi's ways.

She meets Matt through work, at first she is going to try to get hot and heavy with him but there relationship turned into something way better, best friends. I LOVED there friendship it had me laughing so hard, just the banter they kept up was hilarious! Matt seems to be able to peel back lexi's layers and see the real her.

One night Lexi is driving home from an all nighter at work when a car crashes right next to her. She doesn't even have time to think she gets out of the car to help and ends up doing CPR on one of the victims.

When Lexi is asked to come meet the family of the man she saved she is shocked to see it is the lead singer of a band Power Station, which just happens to be her favorite! Soon she finds herself meeting the whole band and kicking it off great! She helps them with the PR problem and with much more.

When she meets Alex she and him seem to just combust from all the sexual tension. Its like nothing other then HOT, STEAMY,PASSIONATE SEX. Only problem you ask? Lexi doesn't take she has sex and that's it no sleeping together no strings nothing that can make them attached. When her and Alex's non-relationship gets to be to much for her she does the only thing she knows how. She pushes him away.

Lexi is to scared to let anyone in no matter how much she wants to she knows she cant let herself. She wont let herself get hurt again, never again.

Can lexi and Alex make it even when all she does is push him away? Can Lexi let Alex be with someone else and not tell him the truth even though its tearing her apart? Guess you will just have to read it and find out for yourself!! You wont be disappointed that for sure!