Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make It a Double (Last Call #2) by Sawyer Bennett Review


Brody Markham has endured a nightmare, spending the last five years in prison and losing everything that was dear to him. Now he’s back home, trying to survive in a world he doesn’t recognize anymore. While his family and friends desperately try to reach through to him, he shelters himself further and further away from their love.

Alyssa Myers has worked her entire life to distance herself from the luxurious and privileged lifestyle in which she was raised. Running her non-profit agency, The Haven, she is content to spend her days helping abused animals find sanctuary, which fulfills her in a way that money just can’t buy.

Maybe it’s that she recognizes in Brody some of the same characteristics she sees in her homeless wards, but Alyssa is powerless to stop her personal quest to make Brody whole again.

While Brody struggles to surface from the darkness, Alyssa tries to protect her heart in case he’s not willing to accept the light that she offers him.


I am in love with the Last Call series, when I read On the Rocks book one in the series I was so interested in Brody I couldnt wait for this book to come out so I could get to know him better.

Brody went to prison, he is now out and trying to live life as a free man but he is struggling. 
He seems like he has a battle going on in his head and every day is a struggle to just be normal, to live day to day. Everyone wants the "old" Brody but he's not coming back, he died when he went to prison and the Brody he is today is what everyone is just going to have to deal with. 

I enjoyed Alyssa's character so much even though she has ALOT of money she is really down to earth and all she wants to do is work hard at her no kill shelter and be with her friends. When she gets in a bind and she goes to ask for help she get the one person she doesnt want any help from.....Brody.

Alyssa doesnt know why Brody hates her so much but at this point she isnt hurt about it she is just pissed off! 

This book kept me so invested in it that I felt like we were one. I read this book non stop until it was done. I dont know if Sawyer could have made it any better! You get a little bit of everything in this one!! Im sure this is going to end up being one of the best books in 2014!! 

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