Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dixie Cowboy by Dolores Wilson Review

Dixie Cowboy was a cute book. It was not my absolute favorite book ever but was cute none the less. I did enjoy Tyler and being in his

"somewhere between hello and I want this job, he'd lost all business sense and hired the pretty lady just because she wanted the job. Was it because she turned him into a seventeen-year-old with raging hormones?"  

It seemed in the beginning of the book this was going to be one of those omg so much chemistry they cant keep their hands off each other but that was NOT the case. They were both quite coy with each other.  Right off the bat when Katy lied I knew it was going to come back and  bite her in the booty but it was one of those train wrecks you knew was coming but couldn't look away.

I was a little disappointed that when they finally had their one night of "love making" that the book said nothing about it, with all the build up I thought they would of at least gave us a little something about it but no nothing at all. It seemed as soon as they go together more DRAMA came to life. I absolutely LOVED Uncle Frank he was hilarious in the little things he would say to Tyler and Katy! I found myself rooting for Uncle Frank and Tyler to be able to save the ranch and make it into what it used to be. 

All in all a good book but not the best. The story was good and kept you wanting to know more but I guess it was just missing something. 

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