Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Summer Sins by Kathy Kulig Review

I was rather excited to start this book. Reading the summery of Summer Sins I was ready for a HOT BDSM book, and in that aspect it did not disappoint but the story seemed rushed I know it was meant as a short story seeing as it took a whole of 3 hours to read, but I wanted more it went from zero to a hundred in no time at all.

This book does have thing that are not for all people I for one am not into reading about needle play and was happy that was only about a paragraph before it went on. The scenes they did we hot and made me want more but it was all over so fast. It would have been much better if we were able to get to know the people more and get more of their story rather then the wam bam thank you ma'am and happily ever after. I don't know I guess it just kind of fell short.

I enjoyed for a quick read just wished there was more to it, and more of a better story to follow all the little questions I had about the transformation from a vanilla girl to a full blow sub.

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