Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fighting Love by Abby Niles Review

I loved Fighting love! I didn't even realize it was the second book in a series tell I was already done with it. Tommy and Julie were oh so awesome! I absolutely loved that they had been friends since they were 10 yrs old. Through thick and thin when he was a nobody to when he was a MMA fighter, to when he lost everything and then when he lost even more. She happily stood by his side and was his BFF even when she was so in love with him she could barley stand it.

I felt so bad for Julie to have to stand by and watch the love of her life be with other women and treat her as his "sister". Broke my heart.

When he finally started to see her as a women I thought it was hilarious some of the things he would be thinking when he was jealous or having a mind war with himself.

This was such a great book i just loved everything about it. Abby Niles did a wonderful job going back and forth between Julie and Tommy's point of view. I felt Tommy sounded 100% like what a real man would be thinking and doing. Not to mention whether it was from his or her point of view the love scenes were HOT HOT HOT! I thought it was hilarious how he started to run away and she was not having it one bit! It truly was so funny. This but was such a breath of fresh air I know alot of people will be enjoying this book!

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