Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Surrender To You by C.S. Janey Review

Surrender To You pulled me in like no other book I have read! Ellie's heartbreak and Stefan trying to win back her heart just pulled me in and made me feel like I was experiencing it first hand. I could feel Ellie's pain and heartache then turn around and feel her love for Stefan even when she was trying her best to fight the overwhelming pull of attraction she had when ever they were close.

When Stefan showed up wanting to fight for Ellie's love I was right there rooting him along. They had so much passion for each other it left me feeling emotionally raw and just as broken as they were.

Ellie's story touched me the most. To go through something as horrible as she did, you cant help but cry for her, for her past and the ever consuming pain that seemed to seep into her whole life and take over. The pain of not being able to share her secret and because of that it eating her away piece by piece until it tore her love away and had her running from the only one she loved and the place she called home, that had no longer anything there for her.

When she finally had to tell her secret I cried with her and was hoping she would finally get the acceptance and love she so much deserved and for a few pages I though that was the case, But when it takes a whole new twist with lies and betrayal I felt for her all over again. To open herself up just to get shattered again was horrible. I felt like my heart was on a roller coaster of love, pain, and anger.

When Simon came in the story I finally thought, "OK, this is her happily ever after take it and RUN!" The ending threw me for a loop. Yet again, I found myself crying as I turned the pages wanting to see what was next. I truly felt broken during everyone's heartbreak.

I loved this book! It was one of the best books I have ever read and am so glad to have been able to thanks to C.S. Janey. This was the first book from her I have read and well now I'm hooked!

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  1. As soon as I read the first chapter I was super hooked on this book! I loved how C.S. Janey had this way of making me feel like I was a part of Ellie and Stefan's story. I loved all the plot twists that occurred and every time Ellie would be happy or sad my emotions would follow. I was so involved in the story and was crushed when everything happened with Stefan, but at the same time fell in love with Simon and how much of gentlemen he was! I was so happy when Ellie's story ended as a happy one after everything she went through!

    Thank you so much Ciarra for recommending this book to me! I loved this book! I thought it was an amazing story and it was also super sexy and what girl doesn't like that!