Thursday, December 26, 2013

Forbidden Surrender, Secret Surrender, Beautiful Surrender by Priscilla West Review

 I started reading Priscilla West's Surrender series I was not very excited I don't usually like to read shorter books I feel as if they are rushed and you don't get to truly understand the characters. That was not the case with this series although I would have loved all three books to be one big one I still greatly enjoyed these book.

Each one got a little deeper into the characters and showed you more and more about them and let you watch the relationship between Vincent and Kristen. This book is FOR SURE for the 18+ crowd. To say Priscilla knows whats shes doing in a love scene is a understatement! She makes you feel like your right there they way she words everything is so in great detail it could be you living in instead of reading about it. She fines a way to make it seem romantic and erotic without it being just plane trashy, and that is a hard line to walk along without crossing over.

I loved to extra drama from Kristen's past it was exciting and heart breaking and a big twist I didn't think was coming at the end of Beautiful Surrender. I would recommend reading all three books! Start on Forbidden Surrender and work your way through you will be glad you did! I love Priscilla West's work and cant wait to see what else she comes out with next! 

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