Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fall into love the Naughty Nookie Series book 1 by Serena Akeroyd Review

 Fall Into Love
I really enjoyed this story, Mona meets Zane when he catches her and keeps her from falling on her butt in front of a whole club. That quickly turns into a HOT and STEAMY one night stand. Even though they just met at a club Mona is drawn to Zane and his Louisiana charm...not to mention his hot body and brooding self. Drawn enough to him to break her 4 year celibacy track.  The fact that they have a EPIC one night stand and she prays he calls her to make it more then that only to find out he has a BIG secret was CRAZY!!

All in all it was a quick read not only because I was so stuck on this but book also because it is quite a short story but by the time it ends you cant wait to find out what happens next you just have to start the next book!

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  1. This book was a great sexy quick read! The one night stand Mona and Zane had was very HOT and STEAMY and was a very epic one! This book was so sexy in ways that can't really be described! I loved how Serena Akeroyd left the ending of this story with such a cliff hanger that you can't help but continue on in the series! Can't wait to start the second book!

    Thanks again Ciarra for recommending this book!