Monday, February 10, 2014

A Bitch In Time Marina: Part One: Naughty Nookie Series by Serena Akeroyd Review

Well this book kinda took me by surprise. I have read the other Naughty Nookie Series Simone's books and well I loved them but that is beyond the point, we meet Marina in those books but from what we learn in there we don't really know her at all.

When I started the book I was HOOKED I read it from page one to done in one sitting I just couldn't put it down.

When you get to see into the real Marina I was shocked! She is the Madam of Papillon a very high class brothel. She is strong independent but has also been hurt so much in her past that I think that is the only way she has made it.

Nate works on the commune in Montana that Marina grew up on and is now supposed to be in charge of. They have been together roughly 5 years but off and on seeing as how they live so far apart, but when Marina finds herself in trouble and has to flee she has to deiced what she is going to do and how she is going to do it, also what part does Nate have in her future.

This book can suck you in and not let you go. I cant wait to see what happens next! Serena Akeroyd is AMAZING and I cant wait to see what else she has in store for us!