Monday, February 17, 2014

On The Rocks by Sawyer Bennett Review

After reading this book I swear I had to cope with the realization that it was over and that alone kind of just broke my heart a bit.

Gabby Ward and Hunter Markham have known either other most of the lives. Gabby has always been in love with him but kept it to herself, trying to stay the little sisters best friend tell the night of graduation when she puts her self out there for Hunter just to have him break her heart and stomp on it. That was the night Gabby went from loving Hunter to hating him with a passion.

Hunter went off to live his life as a professional surfer for years till he decides he needs to come home to support his brother since he is getting out of jail. When he gets back he buys a bar and starts to make his life at home once again.

Gabby doesn't know what to do now that Hunter is home for good. Still angry and hurt from years ago she isn't happy she has to be around him although she needs to come to terms seeing how she him to hire her to do the construction needed on his bar, But it seems he has changed he isn't being out right hostile with her he keeps flirting with her. The worst part her body is falling for it, no matter what her head keeps telling her, her heart and body still want hunter, still love him.

Gabby and Hunter go through a roller coaster ride trying to figure out if they can move on from the past hurt and start fresh, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept me wanting more and more. I also loved the little incites that they gave about the other characters  makes for the possibility of many books to come and that alone excites me! Cant wait to read what comes next!