Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finding Home by Aine Kelley Review

I enjoyed this book so much, I always have believed in second chances and everyone deserves there own happily ever after and this book showed just that!

Samantha Cole just doesn't seem to be able to find true love so she locks her heart away and decided the only way to keep her heart in one piece was to make rules to keep her safe. She ends up moving to Napa Valley to live on her best friends families vineyard.

Ben Foster runs his families vineyard and has had his fair share of heartbreak. He lost the love of his life and doesn't know if he should move on or not. He thinks its time to but he sees her everywhere and cant figure out how to move past the pain of missing her and knowing he has the rest of his life with out his one true love.

Sam and Ben have talked a few times when she has answered his sisters phone, but it was nothing like seeing her in person and getting to know her. She made him feel like it was ok to move on, to finally be able to feel after so long of being numb.....its like a battle is going on in his head he wants to let go of the past and fall in love again but he cant seem to get a grip on what he really wants.

This is one of those book that you read the whole time just rooting for them to make it through and you still don't know if its going to turn out your way. I laughed and cried with this book. I found myself a few times trying to read through blurry eyes because I could feel there pain, not only Ben's but Sam's as well.

This is a MUST read for 2014!! Like no way you can make it this year with out it!

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