Monday, February 17, 2014

Boys Next Door by Sommer Marsden Review

WOW just about covers this book! If you are looking for a seductive, lust filled, come-hither book will this is the one for you!

Farrell McGee moves to Tower Terrece because she has turned 28 and that was her year that if she wasn't a famous actress she would start over fresh, and see how her father left her a home there that is where that fresh start was to happen.

When she moved in she learned she did not only have one smoldering hot neighbor but three of them! And boy did she take advantage of that! She was very open and honest with all three of them and let it be know she was not looking for a relationship she was trying to find herself and I guess her true self just happened to be horny as hell!!

I loved how she kept thinking in fairy-tell stories she really was the big bad wolf to the three little pigs it was actually quite funny.

The scenes in this book has the means to steam up your pages and make you feel like you going to die from heat in the freezing cold.  Be fare warned this book is full of very erotic moment but my golly it makes you LOVE each and every second of it! Definitely a scorching hot read!!