Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just A Woman Naughty Nookie series #6 by Serena Akeroyd Review

WELL when book 5 A Bitch In Time ended I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG NO DON'T END NOT YET! So when I started this one I really loved that it picked up and didn't leave me confused. I felt bad for Marina and the way Nate was treating her it kinda made me want to growl at him for not understanding and loving her anyways!

When Nate made the spill about how he was going to start being who he "really" is and she was going to listen or else, I was like WOAH that just turned corners!

Marina seemed so confused and was having a war inside her head and heart when it came to trying to understand where this Dom of a man came from inside her Nate and why she couldn't understand how he would think she was a sub when she felt she was anything BUT a submissive person. I mean yes she submits to Nate when in bed but not the way he wants her to be now.

Marina is to do exactly what Nate tells her and when he tells her or she will be punished. He seems to be breaking her down a little thing at a time and then its like he was trying to life her up and make her whole again. At first this was horrific to her but as she finds her self deeper into it with him she finds her self craving what he can give her. Her body cant help but react to him even when she doesn't understand why.

This one had me begging for more once again Serena Akeroyd made it to where I did not want it to end!! Gosh I swear she just knows how to pull me in and keep me there! Cant wait to see what she has for me next!!!!!!