Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Evil Of Love by N.L. Echeverria Review

So this book was a ride if I have ever been on one! Stephanie grew up in a crappy home life and her only bit of sunshine was Eric, but of course that couldn't last long because her father sent her away to live with her Aunt and she knew that if she was to start over there would be no room for Eric. She would just bring him down with her and she loved him to much for that. So when she left she left him behind with not a word and no way to contact her.

She ended up marrying Travis a man she thought was sweet and loving, that is until they were married. Now she lived day in and day out walking on egg shells waiting for her husband that man that is supposed to love and cherish her tear her down and abuse her.

The abuse seems to be getting worse and Stephanie doesnt know what to do. She runs into Eric out of the blue one day while out at the market.

Eric is a fighter , he is also broken from the pain of loosing her all those years ago. He fights because it makes him feel and gives him something to take out all the anger over loosing her. When Eric sees her after ten years its like he is back to stage one again he loves her more then the air he breathes, but shes married  and something about it doesn't seem right. It doesn't take long for him to realize its because Travis is abusive.

Eric and Stephanie want to be together but she is to scared to leave Travis she knows what will happen and she knows she wont survive it. When she finally decides that she has to leave him that's with the storm happens. All you can do is sit back and watch when you know something horrible is going to happen but you have no clue what.

I enjoyed this book, I wish she would have got smart and let sooner but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a goood read.