Friday, February 14, 2014

Undone by Shannon Richard Review

I enjoyed reading Undone, It was a little bit of everything thrown into one big book. There were times I was on the verge of tears and then I would be busting out laugh ting and everyone would stare at me like I was crazy!

Paige Morrison just had everything possible go wrong in her life. She looses her job, looses her house, and looses her boyfriend. So she has to move back home with her parents but they have also moved, so she moves to a small town in Florida. When she gets there she get a WAY less then welcoming from the residents of  Mirabelle.

She pretty much HATES it there no one will give her a shot, no one will give her a job or even the time of day. Until she breaks down on the side of the road and has to call for a tow.

Brendan King is a small town hottie, or as Abby Paige's best friend calls him her hot mechanic. Once he meets Paige its like everything starts to look up thanks to his help. She is able to get a job she enjoys and start to make friends who just happened to be Brendan's family and close friends.

Once they start dating I was so relieved like ok life is going to get better for them, but there is so much for them to over come and it really hurt my heart just thinking about all they had going against them. Some of the women in that could could be straight up EVIL and I dot know if I would have been able to handle the stuff they pulled if I were in Paige's shoes. Not to mention all the heartache. The whole time I was rooting for them I didn't know what would happen, all I knew was I felt just as invested in there future as my own!

Loved this book LOVED IT! 5 STARS!!