Thursday, March 27, 2014

Break Me (#1 of the In Plain Sight Series) by Autumn Stark Review

Well this book was ALL OVER THE PLACE! This is Abby's and Tony's story. Tony is a romance novel author and Abby is his editor. She has been in love with him since she started working for him four years ago. He of course acts like she is nothing more then a babysitter, maid, cook, and most of all the only person that can kick his butt into gear and get stuff done.

Tony and his on again off again girlfriend break up AGAIN and its whatever, till he see's pictures of her with other men in the papers the day after.

Tony looses it at that moment and is so pissed he just needs something and Abby is there so he takes her. It starts out as him just trying to break her, to make her his for whatever it is he wants. Its supposed to be a one time thing tell he just keeps at it whenever he wants and any way he want, Abby wants it she knows that it means nothing to him and she is just a warm body to take advantage of when he wants.

It all gets to real for Tony when Abby tells him she loves him, and what does he say? Nothing great that's for sure. So she waits for him to fall asleep and runs. She leaves her job her house everything.

When Tony realizes Abby is gone, he is pissed he also comes to realize that he doesn't know that much about her, he thinks of her as his best friend but knows nothing of her past or where she could possible go to run away.

This is where it gets interesting! You have to read this and see what happens I don't want to spoil anything so please just read it and see what real groveling looks like.

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