Monday, March 3, 2014

GAME OF LOVE The Remingtons, #1 By Melissa Foster Review

Dex and Ellie have known each other for years. They both went to school together and found a bond that could never be broken.

Dex now a super hot, tatted, video game creator has grown up but still has a love for Ellie like no other. Even after four years ago she came into his life just to sneak out in the middle of the night and shatter his heart. He hasn't seen her since. Until one night in a bad he spots her and cant help but to go up and talk to her.

Ellie Moved to New York after a bunch of drama in her life she did what she does best, run. Ellie has been running all her life when anything gets hard or too much she runs. Its what she knows. Ellie has had a hard life being in the foster system from a young age and never feeling safe in her home, she would sneak out every night and go to Dex's house to sleep there. Dex was always her safe haven, but she had broke his heart once and could still see it sometimes when she looks into his eyes, that hurt, and fear that she will run again is still there. She loves him she has for years but she doesn't know how to be there for him and be who he deserves.

What Dex is trying to get through to Ellie is that he will always love her she is it for him but she cant run not anymore. I felt myself yes feeling sorry for Ellie because she had a hard life but also wanting to slap her and be like COME ON LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO HIM!! Ugh I swear if she would just get her act together and let him love her and let herself tell him how she really feels I think they would safe there self a lot of heartbreak, but that's not the case. I enjoyed this twisted love story and think Melissa Foster defiantly knows what she's doing!!

Got this book for a honest review from AtoMR tours