Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stroke of Love (Love in Bloom: The Remingtons #2) by Melissa Foster Review

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS ONE! For me it was even better then Game of Love book one in the series. Sage went to Punta Palacia, Belize. He was there to actually help but for his image not for the fame. He had enough fame he didn't need or want any more. He was an artist and lived in the city but he felt like he couldn't breath there and he has always wanted to do more. Not for himself but for others he felt he could help.

Kate is a volunteer that has been in Belize for almost two years, she loves it there and loves being able to help people in any way possible. When the new group of celebrities get there she is tired of having to always deal with them. They pay to come out to "help" when in reality they do nothing and just wait for the press to get there to help there image more then anyone else.

Kate automatically puts Sage in with just like the rest of them, and frankly she is not sure if she really wants to deal with him. She soon realized that he is nothing like them at all. He wants to help, more then that he wants to make a difference.

Sage is attracted to Kate like he has never been to any one before its like a pull she has on him and he doesn't want to break it any time soon. It heats up quickly between them. He wants to do it right and treat her the way she deserves. He wants more then just a two week fling. They find themselves weaving there lives together in more then just sex and its a beautiful sight.

They start as a hot sexual fling the almost instantaneously makes them both realize its more and they want more. Two weeks isn't long enough and they find the end coming quickly! This is where it starts to get even better!!! Can they make it work out in the real world? Is it worth trying or should they just leave it as the best two weeks of there lives? You want to know?? Well guess what you NEED to read it to find out!!! Trust and believe either way you will not be disappointed in this one!!