Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stuck in Between (Bound by Your Love) by Blakely Bennett Review

This story was something else all together! Jacqs is in a on again off again relationship with Bond, she loves him and keeps trying to make it work all the while Bond sleeps with everything that walks. Bond still wants Jacqs to be with him but cant be with her only, when Jacq finally realizes he will never change she knows its time to just end it while she still can.

Red is Bonds best friend, he has watched from the sidelines of Jacqs and Bonds relationship all the while silently pinning for Jacqs. He knows he loves her and is tired of the way Bond treats her so he finally decides to make his move before its too late.

Jacqs is shocked when she finds of Red liked her, they have spent so long "hating" each other that she was shocked when he came onto her. But when he does it shocks her even more that she likes it, she likes him and wow is the chemistry insane! They were so HOT together I think my pages were melting together.

When Bond finds out all hell breaks loose. Bond wants her back and wants to "try" to be with just her but that's not good enough for Jacqs especially because she has fallen for Red. Now this is when things get interesting!! Does she have to choose? and if so which one does she want to take the plunge with. I was so drawn into this book I didn't want it to end.

The scenes were steamy and all around dripping with sex! This is a must read!! Don't go without this one it is for sure to make your day much brighter.