Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rebound (Tryst Island, Book One) by Sabrina York Review

This was a hot quickie. I read it in just a few hours, it was fast but not to the point where I felt I was lacking anything. I kinda just jumped right into the story.

Kristi and her group have been best friends since college, they all own a vacation home together and go up on weekend to catch up and relax. This week she needs it more then usual her boyfriend for 3 years cheated on her and she caught him. Of course she broke up with him and then realized why were they together in the first place. She gets out to the vacation house and see's that Cameron is there. She has been in love with Cameron for ever.

When Cam tells her that he also caught his girlfriend with someone else she knows just how he feels.

Cam gets Kristi to play a game of hearts for a kiss, but he has plans to start with that and move to much more. Once they get started its like they just cant stop and it seems neither of them want to.

I loved all the extra characters, they were funny and just made the story that much better. This is a great read if your looking for something quick and steamy!!