Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe by Rebecca Raisin Review

This was such a cute little book. It was rather short it took me a couple hours to read but it didn't feel like many short stories do. I was happy with the story and everything Rebecca Raisin was able to put into it. I didn't feel as if I was missing something or needed more from the story.

I loved Lil and CeeCee they were hilarious and made me want to be friends with them. Lil owns a cute little cafe and is in a relationship with Damon who has such a darling daughter named Charlie.

When Lil's no good ex husband comes back to town wanting cash was worried it was going to get ugly but I loved how it turned out and how a you felt like you were right there with them in a small town full of love and people that had each others back.

This was definitely a cute read, its one of those feel good stories when you just want a change from the standard romance and want something that feels like it could happen to anyone. Loved it! I love how no matter what the story Rebecca has a way of just making you feel good!