Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ever hopeful by lori ryan

I loved this book! Laura has had a hard life! Growing up in a bad home life then getting married thinking she is finally going to be loved and treated right only to be abused worse then even imaginable.

Laura finds out she is pregnant and decided it was time to run, time to run before her husband kills her and her unborn child, but before she can run she gets the news her husband was dead from a heart attack. Thinking she is finally free that she is safe and can raise her baby without the risk of her husband destroying everything,  she realizes her mother in law is not going to let her go that easily.

She ends up having to run anyways and with the help and an almost stranger she finds her way to a ranch in Texas. This is where the story really got me.

On the ranch she meets Cade, May, and Shane. She soon finds herself hoping and dreaming even though she is so scared of doing either of those things. I found myself hoping right along with her. I wanted everything to work out for her and I just wanted her to finally be free and be able to be happy for once in her life.

Cade finds himself falling for Laura but knows that's not what she needs right now. He needs to keep her safe just like he needs air.

With Laura's husbands business partner on the hunt for her for his own reasons, things start to get crazy! I think I held my breath a good chunk of this just because I wanted everything to be ok.

Lori Ryan has a gift and I cant wait to see what else is to come in this series! Everyone needs to take the time and read this for sure, I sat down to read it and couldn't put it down. I ended up readin it from front to back in a day because I just couldn't put it down!