Friday, March 28, 2014

Cursed Love (Cursed #1) by T.H. Snyder Review

This book really threw me for a loop! I felt like I was getting pulled in so many different ways I was going to be ripped in pieces!

Linc and Dalton are best friends have been for years, they grew up together and went through a bunch of craziness. Linc owns a tattoo shop they both work at, he also owns a duplex that he rents out the other side to.

Linc has a girl he is friends with benefits with names Jo, but when one night they get down and she tells him she loves him he says nothing and well that opens a can of worms of its own. So Jo leaves, and of course Linc is super upset about it.

Then we meet Etty she has had a horrible live basically being held captive the last 3 years by her "boyfriend" she finally escapes and ends up in Alabama where she meets Dalt in a dinner. He tells her hey I have a place you could rent. So why not she has nothing better planned so she does it.

This is where she meets Linc at first I though oh ok this makes since Etty and Linc are going to get together but it seems they start a friendship that seems like that have known each other there whole life. When Dalt shows interest in Etty all hell breaks loose because Dalt is know as a Wam Bam Thank you Ma'am kinda guy so of course Linc doesn't want that for Etty.

Now this book is not one from one or two peoples view its from three peoples view, Linc, Etty and Jo. I though it would make it a little to much but it seemed to work out fine. The problem is I go so invested trying to figure out what all was going on with all three and when I finally felt like I knew what was going on and wanted to see how it was going to play out all hell broke loose and then it ended! I was soooooooo not ready for it to end and I wanted to throw my kindle across the room when I realized it was the end! Now I have to wait for may to figure out what happened and well that just isn't fair! So good job T.H. Snyder you got me hooked and left me hanging, its ok I forgive you but only because I cant wait to see what is to come next!