Friday, March 7, 2014

Friends with benefits by Anne Lange review

I actually enjoyed this book more then I thought I would. In this story Angela is married to Tyler. They have been married awhile when tyler wants to start spicing things up, they have been having a lot of pillow talk lately about fantasies they both have. One of with is angela wants to have sex with a stranger and she wants to have a three some.

Tyler is all for this idea, his best friend Conner and him used to share women all the time in there younger days. When tyler finds out conner is coming to town for awhile he knows that its perfect timing and he wants to take full advantage of it.

Tyler convinces conner to come by there home and seduce angela while he is away on business.

On thing leads to another and well angela gets the time of her life and all her fantasies come true, but what are they to do when emotions come to be apart of it. The real world may not be ready for what they want.

It was a wild ride getting to watch this all play out. This book has much more to it then the simple three some books I have read before. I loved that this one actually had a story with it not just all the sex scenes which might I add were HOTT! This is one of those book that you just have to read! 2014 isn't going to know what hit it with this one!!