Friday, January 10, 2014

Bared Club sin #2 by Stacey Kennedy Review

This book was a nice change in pace. It kept you intrigued and wanting more, more, MORE!

This story takes place in Las Vegas where Cora and Master Aidan Play together in there D/s relationship. Although they have been playing for 2 years it is not a exclusive relationship, even though they do not play with other people.

Cora wishes they were in a relationship but she knows that cant happen. Aidan was in a relationship with his sub and lost her in a horrible accident. She saw his pain the first time she played with him and she fell in love. Even though she knew she couldn't have him, she tried her best to be there in the way he needed her to and that was working for awhile tell she could not ignore the growing pain of loving him and not being able to be loved.

Aidan was happy with Cora, they played and she pulled him out of the dark, out of his personal hell even if it was just for a few hours of play at club sin. The rest of the time he just coasts threw life getting by not living but getting through the day.

It killed me to see all the pain Cora was putting herself through because she wanted to be there for him and be strong for him but in the end it tore her to pieces. She lost herself piece by piece over the 2 years of waiting, waiting for him to see her REALLY see her.

It just goes up down up down and then she dropped and it shattered her to pieces. She was so distraught and trying to be strong but how do you compete with lily a ghost.

Aidan and Cora's story is something else, they need each other but cant seem to get it together. They pull you into there story and get you to invested into their lives! I wont give away the end but please read this! Its going to be one of those stories you just cant put down.

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