Friday, January 24, 2014

Just One Night Sex, Love & Stiletto Series by Lauren Layne Review

Just one night is book three in the series. Although I have not read the other two books, I was able to read this book and really enjoy it. I was not lost even though I didn't read the other books.

Riley is a writer in the Stilettos magazine, she is the SEX expert. Or so thinks millions of people. When in reality Riley has only been with one man once in collage and well let just say it.....IT SUCKED!

Sam is a hot kind of damaged man, that happened to be a family friend and Riley's older brothers best friend. He has had a messed up past with a hell of a crappy mother but he try's his best to do what he loves which is making Whisky.

Riley has to do a big story for the magazines 50th yr anniversary and it has to be personal which is not the best thing seeing as she has almost NO experience in the sex department. So she comes up with this awesome idea.....convince sam to do the dirty with her and write about that.

Sam and Riley have been attracted to each other since they met forever ago but have never acted on it. Well thats all about to change if Riley has anything to do with it.

Can they get threw all the hurdles and be together? Guess your just going to have to read and find out and let me tell you...YOU WANT TO FIND OUT! It's a HOT HOT HOTT ride to be on!