Monday, January 20, 2014

Surrender to Temptation (The Fitzgerald Family #6) by E.B. Walters Review

I really loved Surrender to Temptation, this was the first of The Fitzgerald Family series that I have read but now I'm hooked.
I got this via netgalley and was worried because I have not read the others but it did not disappoint.

Chase is a great chef that owns his own restaurants. His fiance is Keira when he is about to purpose in one of his restaurants he is attacked and the place is set on fire. He manages to save Keira but not Dee one of his employees.

Nikki is Dee's sister she is a website designer. She is super worried about her sister who is in a medical induced coma because of all the burns and surgeries she is going to have to have because of the fire, but not only that she is facing going to jail.

Keira claims she saw Dee attack Chase and that the fire is all her fault. Nikki has taken it upon herself to get hired to build Chase's horse breeding business's website but to do this she has to go out to his ranch,which works great for her seeing as she wants to figure out what he knows about the fire and try to help her sister clear her name.

Chase doesn't know who Nikki is, not her ties to dee his former employee not anything about her except....he is so attracted to her and when she says he is not her type it just pushes him more to make her see how much he really is.

Nikki and Chase's story is full of everything from heartbreak to full blown drama and everything awesome in between.  There love story is also hot hot HOTT!

This is a great story that everyone should check out if they want a feel good story with a crazy back story! I wish I would have read the other 5 books before this but loved the book just the same.

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