Monday, January 6, 2014

Sugar &Salt by Pavarti K. Tyler Review

This was a nice little surprise, its not your typical strong man saves naive girl. It was a nice change of pace to have a strong female and strong male as the leads in this story.

Janice Cane is a powerful, attracting, strong willed woman who owns and runs a brothel. She has a "brood" of men and women whom she see's as family and trys to take care of them as best as they can.

Janice meets Salt at one of the many speed dating nights she goes to just to not feel so lonely Salt is a Strong quick talking, sex on a stick of a man. He leaves before the night was over and Janice thought she lost her shot, but the following week there he was sitting at the bar. They started talking and it just exploded from there. Their passion was never a problem they exploded  like fireworks from the first touch.

The problem was Salt works from the UN in a division that works trying to stop sex slavery and human trafficking. Obviously Janice cant be with him with her line of work.

Now the hard part see if they can make it work. This is a short read  but an enjoyable one that might just get you a little steamy in the process.

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