Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crazy Little Thing Called Lust The Naughty Nookie Series part 2 by Serena Akeroyd Review

Book two in the Naughty Nookie Series was just as good if not better then the first. Mona finds out about Zane's Big secret in book one that he is married but not only married but to another man! He then tries to get her to agree to be his mistress and that does not sit well with Mona. She was raised in a very strict one way of life and it goes against all her morals, but she cant stop how she feels for Zane and is kind of thrown at him when her whole world is turned upside down and she looses everything! The ups and downs and you just waiting to find out just kills you! This one was also short but filled in alot of the details that book ones cliffhanger left you wondering about although this one still ended just as abruptly! On to the next I go!

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