Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tempting Trouble by Savannah Stuart Review

Tempting Trouble is two stories in one. Nether have anything to do with each other and can be read as there own short stories.

Tempting Witness
This is Madison and Rafe's story. They have known each other most their lives, Rafe has always been attracted to Madison but never acted on it seeing as she was his best friends little sister.

When Madison witnesses something she is thrown into a world of danger and runs to Rafe for help. I felt like the story was kind of a rushed one but it is short so I can see why they had to do that.

One min she is there for protection the next she is giving up her V card without even telling him. It goes from there in a hot and heavy way.

I kept waiting for something to happened, I mean she was in so much danger and scared for her life but nothing ever happened. It was all happily ever after and I kinda felt like there should have been more to the story.

It did have so very hot scenes between the two of them but I guess I just wanted more.....I felt like it was missing that edge to make it a great book.

Better Late Then Never
This was a much shorter but then the first probable about 50 pages. It went from  0 to 100 in like 5 mins. This is a book for you if you are wanting a fast hot and steamy book. Lindsey works at a architecture company. Randy is the owners son. They know each other a year and Randy fights his attraction. Lindsey gets into a car accident and he decides not to fight ti any more they share a heated kiss and then she ignores him for 6 weeks.

Well he is not having any of that a pushes her to see why she is running scared. It goes from there to a HOT HOT HOT place. All in all its a short story to get your blood pumping. I felt this one was better then the 1st book but that just because like I said I felt the first one needed more. It was such a good story line it just needed more to be great.

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