Monday, January 6, 2014

The Cowboy Imports a Bride by Cora Seton Review

This is the third book in the series and Rob and Morgan are trying to find their love and grow together.

I was surprised how much Rob was hiding behind all his pranks and bad boy image. He was such a different person then I would have imagined.

Morgan was so lost and wanted so much to be a part of the one thing she never had...Family. When Rob asked her to marry her and start a life with her on the ranch his father said he would give to the first son to bring home a bride, she went for it they made each other promises on of which was Morgan wanted to start her own winery right there on the 200 acres his father promised them.

When they got back to Montana and was ready to celebrate with what they thought was going to be a happy family they had another thing coming.

Robs family was a pain in the bum!! His Dad and brothers were insane they kept pushing and fighting and it was a never ending battle with them. Holt Rob's father found out what they were planning on doing with the 200 acres and flipped his lid said no way not happening and that was that. Ethan Morgans brother and Robs life long friend ended up offering to sell him 150 acres of his property to start a winery and family, but that was short lived.

Should have know Claire was going to find some was to ruin it. I was so upset when it seemed Claire was back to her old ways.

Rob and Morgan end up having to pull the prank of a life time and wait it out to see what will happened with their future. I really loved this book it was a nice continue to the other two previous books. I love how Cora seems to still be able to keep you involved in so many peoples lives with out making you feel over whelmed. Cant wait to see what comes next!!!

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