Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Scarred By Love by C.A. Harms Review

GOD I LOVED THIS BOOK! C.A. Harms has a way of bringing you into a story and never letting you go! Even when its over all you can think of is MORE MORE MORE!

Riley had been through her fair share of heartbreak and was pulling herself back together. She was a girlie girl on the out side and hard as nails inside thanks to growing up with for awesome brothers.

Zander had a bad boy look to go with his sweet and loving inside, no they didn't match but they made him that much better.

Riley and Zander's relation ship was not a easy one from the beginning. I caught myself rooting for them and honestly not knowing if they would make it or not. You felt like you were on a roller coaster you couldn't get off of. Not that you wanted to, I was so invested in this book because of there relationship and how much I just wanted everything to be ok for them.

There are so many obstacles  for these two but can love make it all work? Can they stay strong when no one is rooting for them? Can they make there love all they need? God I have a million questions I can ask but I will leave you with this...READ THIS BOOK YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!