Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shredded by Tracy Wolff Review

This book was AMAZING! First off the cover is HOT HOT HOT and second everything inside is even hotter! Shredded  is about Z a professional snow boarder and  Ophelia a girl trying to get past her heart break and move on living life.

Z is a super hot snow boarder that has been doing it his whole life. He is such a tortured soul. He has been through more heart break in his life then most people twice his age. He has so much pain he holds inside that its almost as if he was about to shatter from all the pressure. He does crazy stuff all the time just to get that extra release no matter how dangerous it is, he has a death wish he just isn't coward enough to out right kill himself.

Ophelia has also had her fair share of pain in her life. Moving away from home so she can try and get on with her life after her boyfriend dies. She finds herself attracted to the one and only guy she knows she should stay far away form Z. She just cant help but falling for him no matter how hard she trys to make herself not think about him she just cant keep him out of her mind. She soon starts to wonder if maybe there is more to Z then what everyone says. Maybe he isn't just some super talented, crazy, reckless, man-whore. Maybe he has more to him...but is it worth the chance of heartbreak again to find out?

Ophelia and Z have so much between them they go through and have been through its like a roller-coaster waiting to see what is going to happen next. A roller-coaster that I just don't want to get off of!

All the different ways I had imagined the book ending. The way it did was just beyond anything I could have thought would happen! CLIFFHANGER MUCH??!!?? I cant wait to see what happens next!

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